Night and Day

Estelle Revaz, cello
Laudine Dard, harp
Programme :
Lieder and Mélodies about Night and Day by Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Strauss, Wagner, Fauré, Massenet, Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Tournier.
Artist's words
Don’t we say that the cello is the closest instrument to the human voice? The programme Night and Day offers to confirm this adage through a poetic journey that tells the metamorphosis of the sun into the moon by way of beautiful melodies sung by the cello and sensitively accompanied by the harp. With Strauss, the audience is transported to the following day… one like no other. The dawn breaks gently with Massenet and the day starts to sound thanks to the fineness of Clara Schumann. Tournier offers a melodious promenade while Saint-Saëns makes us hear the elegance of a Swan. Mozart sets the tone of the twilight while Debussy lets us hear the beauty of the evening. Schubert describes the night rambler while Wagner makes us raise our eyes to the charming star. The moon rises to the sound of Fauré while Brahms wishes us a good night. Clara and Robert Schumann bring us dreams that Fauré makes us remember with delicacy. The light comes back with a morning salutation that we owe to Schubert. A poetic programme that allows the cello to sing to the enchanting sound of the harp.