Estelle Revaz, cello
Programme :
Works by cello solo by J.-S. Bach, H. Holliger, X. Dayer, P. Dusapin, K. Penderecki, I.Yun. K. Saariaho, B. A. Zimmermann, L. Berio, S. Gubaidulina, G. Kurtag, W. Lutoslawski, G. Ligeti.
Artist's words

Johann Sebastian Bach can be regarded as the father of music written for solo cello. With his Six Suites of dances for cello, he composed a benchmark work that all cellists measure themselves against sooner or later. This humanist work touches the core of every listener with simplicity, sincerity and elegance.
How did this superlative work inspire composers over the course of time?
How were certain conventions breached in order to arrive at the music of today?


This project discreetly turns the « listener's point of view » on its head, taking us on a journey into acoustic territory where the composers seem to contemplate each other from their own cultural and temporal terrain, despite the entirely original approaches they exhibit individually.
Johann Sebastian Bach's music acts as an anchor point, while interspersed between each movement of his Suites for Solo cello are short pieces by major composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.
This alternation between tradition and modernity firstly takes us on a journey to the essence of the key, helping the listener feel its power and near-physical impact. Whenever we move away from it, a surprise occurs; whenever we return to it, we are reassuringly comforted again. By bringing listeners so close to the fundamental question of key, we give the audience the opportunity to discover more about contemporary music and to move beyond any preconceptions they may hold.
This alternation also offers listeners unusual transitions between the dances of Johann Sebastian Bach's Suites. On occasions, these transitions bring out certain similarities between contemporary music and that of Bach by highlighting aspects of rhythm, melody or harmony that have in fact been directly taken from Bach's music. On other occasions, this alternation naturally bridges the different characters of Bach's dances.