Estelle Revaz, cello
Aloisia Dauer, violin
Programme :
Glière : Huit Morceaux op. 39
Kodály : Duo op. 7
Martinu : Duo H157
Artist's words

The slavic impressionism offers an intense and powerful dialogue between Aloisia Dauer’s violin and Estelle Revaz’s cello. This musical interplay takes the listener into an atmosphere of sounds full of character and poetry, which combine the characteristics of Slavic folk music with French impressionism, which was popular at the beginning of the 20th century.
First the "Eight Pieces for Violin and Cello, op. 39" by Reinhold Glière, composed in 1909. The Russian composer, also a brilliant violinist, has dedicated his life to music education in his country and at the same time was interested in the roots of folk music, as you can hear in the Prélude, the opening movement of the concert. Reinhold Glière also always tried to give his compositions a poetic touch, for example in La Berceuse or La Canzonetta, which make it possible to enjoy the mood of French culture, which was very fashionable in the Moscow salons at the time.
The Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály was also fascinated by his country's folk music. With his friend Bela Bartok, he collected a whole range of folkloric subjects that served as the basis for their compositions. The Duo op. 7 for violin and cello by Zoltán Kodály from 1914 is the heart of the Slavic Impressionism program. It takes the listener into a fiery and melancholy universe typical for Hungarian gypsies, even if the influence of French impressionism, which the composer discovered in Paris a few years earlier, can be heard here and there.
Finally, the Duo No. 1 for violin and cello by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu, composed in 1927 and also inspired by folkloric themes, combined with the experience of his Parisian life. A typical Martinu work full of nostalgia and elegance.
Slavic Impressionism is a program full of life, virtuosity, but also full of charm and delicacy that allows the audience to immerse themselves in a culture that made the greatest artists dream.